The Fine Print

Here is a brief outline
of Akumal Weddings’ services:


Description of Preliminary Event Planning Offsite Services

  • Securing the date and time for rental of the property for your event
  • 10  x 20 minute consultations  via telephone or email
  • Assistance in budget determination and pricing breakdown as needed
  • Suggestions for wedding vendors, such as photographers, DJ’s, florists, musicians and bakers
  • Timeline planning for event and location reservations

Description of Onsite Event Coordination Services

  • One half hour onsite meeting at venue 2-3 days prior to wedding with walk through of location
  • Onsite day-of-wedding coordination and supervision at the ceremony site and during the reception for up to 5 hours.
  • Raking and cleaning of the beach, decorating wedding site with white rock aisle and decorative palm fronds  
  • Set up and tear down of designated area for reception
  • Optional: Chair rental, PA system, arch or cabana set up at wedding location (additional charges)


  • Akumal Weddings acts solely as advisors and coordinators for your event. Bride and groom will make the actual selections of service providers and contact them separately.
  • Bride and groom will make payments directly to vendors and not to Akumal Weddings. We do not accept commission from vendors and cannot guarantee any service providers’ performance or product.
  • Akumal Weddings does not provide pick up or delivery of vendor items, supplies, equipment or documents.


  • Bride and groom will notify Akumal Weddings of any changes in writing.
  • Changes or cancellations within 14 days of planned event will forfeit any refund for pre-paid services including but not limited to celebrant fee, equipment rentals, location fees, and dinner deposit.
  • The initial $600 wedding coordination fee is not refundable under any circumstances.

Restrictions and Policies

  • Please note that there is a music permit required for amplified entertainment scheduled at La Buena Vida Restaurant. This fee ($150) may be obtained through Akumal Weddings or the musician you hire in advance. Musicians will not be allowed to perform with amplification if a permit has not been obtained.
  • There are no open flames or fire of any kind allowed on the restaurant premises at any time. This includes sparklers, open flame candles, fireworks, bonfires, tiki torches and sky lanterns.
  • The restaurant reserves the right to close promptly at 10 pm.
  • Strict capacity limits are adhered to, with a maximum of 65 guests in the upper dining room and 100 guests on the beach level.
  • Please note that the restaurant continues to serve the public during your event.
  • La Buena Vida Restaurant and Akumal Weddings is not responsible for events out of our control which would prevent your event from occurring – including and not limited to fire, flood, storms, hurricanes or political unrest.
  • La Buena Vida and Akumal Weddings will not be held responsible in the unlikely event that any aspect of your wedding event fails to completely satisfy you.


  • To obtain and secure Akumal Weddings’ services we require payment of $600 and your signature on a letter of agreement.
  • Other fees payable in advance include: celebrant services, chair and PA system rental, dinner deposit, additional lighting fees, and location charges.
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